Friction folders knives

Friction folders are pocket knifes that existed already in the Roman time and through the Middle Ages. Characteristic of all FF knives is that they don’t have any spring inside to hold blade close or open. This is achieved by friction between blade and handle. I designed couple of different FF knives in traditional form. All my blades are made from carbon steel. That’s why they have a vintage “patina”. 

Some of my FF’s knives have a bottle-opener. I make al my FF knives with two different type of blades, drop-point and wharncliffe blade.

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  • FF11

  • FF12

  • FF13


Friction folders model 1 knife

  • Total length: 19cm
  • Blade: 8cm
  • Blade steel: O1
  • Handle: Olive wood, Osage Orange, Bocote, Olive wood.
  • Special characteristics: al four models have a bottle opener.
  • Two knife models on the bottom of the picture have a smaller handle.

Price: 130 euro

  • FF21

  • FF22

  • FF23

  • FF24


Friction folders model 2 knife

  • Total length: 19cm/18cm
  • Blade: 8cm/7cm
  • Blade steel: 1248
  • Handle: Tulip wood and Bocote

Price: 140 euro

  • FF31

  • FF32

  • FF33

Friction folders model 3 knive

  • Total length: 19cm/20cm
  • Blade: 8cm/8,5cm
  • Blade steel: 1250/1248
  • Handle: Green linen Micarta/Sycamore wood
  • Special characteristics: with a bottle opener. Bottom FF with messing frame

Price: 140 euro

  • FF41

  • FF42

  • FF43

  • FF44

  • FF45

Friction folders model 4 knife

  • Total length: 19,5cm/19cm
  • Blade: 8,5cm/7,5cm
  • Blade steel: 1770/Japanese 3 layers White paper steel
  • Handle: Stag horn/Jigged Cow horn
  • Special characteristics: special blade form
  • Bottom knife have a messing frame and blued end ornament

Price: 250 euro

  • FF51

  • FF52

  • FF53


Friction folders model 5 knife

  • Total length: 20,5cm
  • Blade: 8,5cm
  • Blade steel: 1770
  • Handle: Snake wood
  • Special characteristics: Elegant slim knife

Price: 140 euro

  • FF61

  • FF62

  • FF63

  • FF64

  • FF65


Friction folders model 6 knife

  • Total length: 22cm
  • Blade: 9cm
  • Blade steel: O1
  • Handle: Water Buffalo horn
  • Special characteristics: Forged blade

Price: 250 euro